Welcome to the world of Petite&Mars, where every product tells a story

At Petite&Mars, we understand that the world through a child's eyes is full of discoveries, colours and first experiences. Our philosophy? To create products that are not only practical and safe, but that also tell little stories of everyday joys. With Petite&Mars, every family activity becomes an unforgettable adventure.

A walk in the park, or exploring the city bustle? Our strollers are designed to adapt to any terrain with simplicity, while providing your children with comfort and safety. Traveling with kids can be a challenge, but with our car seats and accessories, it becomes a piece of cake. The safety features ensure that your little traveller will always be in the best hands. From first spoons to independent eating. The wide range of feeding products are designed to make every meal a fun and educational experience. We believe that every baby deserves to sleep in puffs. Our cribs, mattresses and other crib accessories are synonymous with softness, safety and style.

Baby care is a never-ending story of attention. With our products for daily hygiene and care, every baby bathing ritual will be a delight. Our toys are designed to support your baby's development while being a source of fun and laughter.

Step into a world where every detail has meaning and where safety combines with playfulness and design. With us, the joy of parenting becomes an everyday part of life.