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    Stroller Royal is a king among strollers thanks to its elegance, rich equipment and refined details. Quality upholstery fabrics, canopy with pattern fabric in the inner side, tastily quilted footrest and double-sided liner, that all is what makes a difference at first glance. Still just as easy navigable, Royal has great driveability and your toddler will feel comfortable in any weather.

    High stability of Royal is nesured by quality chassis with suspension. All materials makes it quality but leightweight at the same time and strollering inside as well as outside the city is a joy.

    Royal protects your child from the birth up to a weight of 22 kg.


    Main benefits:

    • Folds and unfolds with one hand.
    • Extendable canopy with visor and peek-a-boo window,
    • Patterned fabrics in hood the inner side.
    • Very quality and durable fabrics.
    • Removable upholstery for easy cleaning and washing.
    • Height adjustable handle and swiveling bumper-bar in faux leather.
    • Long backrest convenient for every child.
    • Simple strap system of backrest reclining, up to almost flat lying position.
    • 5-point harness system with padding.
    • Elegantly quilted footrest is adujstable to 3 positions.
    • Spacious mummy bag for all items you need to carry with. Adjustable strap and many pockets inside.
    • Footcover for colder days or rainy weather.
    • Double-sided liner is practical and fashionable element.
    • Quality wheel hanging with suspension for you stable ride.
    • Spacious, easy accessible underseat shopping basket.
    • High quality rubber wheels with driving characteristics of air wheels but no-pin.
    • Front wheels are full swivelling with swiveling lock.
    • Easy to use one-push break system.
    • Durable and lightweight aluminium chassis.
    • Folded stroller has upholstery hidden inside, what protects it from getting dirty.
    • Suitable from birth.
    • Maximum weight of child up to 22 kg.
    • Maximum capacity of underseat basket 3 kg

    Available colors Rose Pink and Iron Green  from Basic Line.


    Special collection Heritage Aqua 

    Heritage collection is every year dedicated to something we consider important, rare and local. And this year’s 2021 collection is inspired by clear, healthy, often missing and absolutely essential – the water.

    Inspired by water, created for a baby.

    Why Heritage Aqua?

    Water is life. It undergoes the breathtaking development of all living things and is essential for every little one, with a unique personality and countless dreams, desires and wishes. Let’s respect it.
    We at Petite&Mars do care and want to bring grist to the mill. That is why this collection is just about this miraculous fluid, which we often take as something uninteresting and obvious, the water.
    This stroller is made from 100% recycled PET bottles and together with the stroller you will get a refillable glass bottle for fresh water.
    Help us to reduce waste and protect water. Because water matters.

    Each pram in the collection is made from 100% recycled pet bottles and the equipment includes a refillable glass bottle for clean water. By using a glass bottle for reuseyou will ensure a drinking regime and relieve the planet from the waste of disposable packaging.

    Help us to reduce waste from disposable plastics and to protect water. Every drop matters.


    You can follow your fantasy and create final look of your stroller Royal Fantasy from Premium Line 2020.  There are 5 round velcro  spots on the stroller, where velcro patches might be placed. You can choose your prefered design of patches: Pop Art for modern mothers, Little Princess for small princess, or Cool Space for small future astronauts. Elegant fabric is quality, interesting and eye catching and patches Fantasy create great final design.

    Please note older colors Thunder Grey and Fantasy Line have EVA foam wheels and no peek-a-boo window.

    rotating bumper-bar

    precise details and special collections

    extra comfortable sleeping

    Accessories included

    Many accessories inclued : double-sided liner, footcover, changing bag.


    Technical specification

    • Protects your child from the birth up to a weight of 22 kg
    • Weight: 9,90 kg
    • Stroller with wheels: 111 cm x 57 cm x 86 cm
    • widht of seat 36cm, backrest length 47cm, backrest in lying position: 90cm
    • Folded chassis with wheels dimension: 36 cm x 57 cm x 75 cm
    • EN: 1888:2018


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