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    A small child usually needs around 60 – 70% of the day for sleep. Good-quality sleep supports many developmental processes, stimulating the brain, growth hormone and immune system. In addition, a well-rested infant feels safe, calm, in a good mood and full of energy. For this reason, the highest quality standards must be met in the place where your baby spends the most time, that is, in his own bed. The cot is the most important piece of equipment in a child’s room.

    Beautiful, classic wooden bed Petite & Mars MOONY meets all safety criteria, because it is made with attention to every detail. Selected, natural wood was used for its production, and all upper elements that may come into contact with the child are rounded. The surface of the cot is perfectly smooth, each part is securely installed, the bars are spaced at appropriate distances, and the paint used in production is odorless and non-toxic. The safety of the cot is confirmed by the certificates required for the product in the European Union.

    The MOONY cot grows with the child, adapting to his changing needs. It has an adjustable mattress height, as there are three possible levels of the bottom arrangement. The highest level is intended for an infant up to three months, the middle level for children up to six months who cannot sit yet, and the lowest level for a child who stands alone from a lying position. It is also possible to create a space for a child who can get out of the cot by removing three bars.

    MOONY is suitable for use from the very first moments of a child’s life. Its modern design will fit into any room, and the neutral white color will soothe the excited, overstimulated young mind. The bottom of the cot is designed to withstand heavy loads, and the free spaces between the slats ensure air circulation.

    MOONY+ has a spacious drawer under the crib – for storing diapers, bedding and everything else you need to have at hand. Drawer dimensions: 124 x 13 cm.

    Tip: It is worth considering the location of the baby cot in the children’s room, as it should be away from the window, heater and electrical appliances.


    • a crib that is safe for a child, made in accordance with the standards in force in the European Union,
    • intended for a child from birth up to 100 cm,
    • the cot is covered with non-toxic, odorless paints,
    • stable structure,
    • modern design and neutral color,
    • 3 possible height settings of the bottom of the bed,
    • 3 removable bars – a great function if the child wants to get out of the bed by himself,
    • all top edges are rounded for the safety of the child,
    • bottom slats spaced apart to ensure air circulation,
    • the cot was made in the EU,
    • there is a spacious drawer under the bed – for storing toys, clothes, nappies, etc.,
    • a mattress with dimensions of 120 x 60 cm is suitable for the cot.

    Accessories included

    Possibility to extend the set with:

    • Children’s mattress
    • Mattress protector
    • Sheet for the mattress

    Technical specification

    • 22 kg
    • Internal dimensions of the cot: 120 x 60 cm
    • External dimensions: Width: 65 cm / Length: 124 cm / Height: 84 cm
    • Height of the bottom from the ground: Level I - 51 cm / Level II - 35 cm / Level III - 22.5 cm
    • The width between the partitions - 5.6 cm
    • Drawer dimensions: 124 x 13 cm (Moony+)


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