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Functionality, design, safety. These are the three qualities that the talented Slovak designers and manufacturers kept in mind as they developed the Luna mini cot. This product will quickly become part of your home, both practical and stylish. You can keep the mini cot at your bedside in the bedroom to have the sleeping baby right beside you, but you might also appreciate it for nap times during the day.

The cot is made from high-quality materials. Mattress and breathing monitor: the cot features a breathable mattress with the height of 2 cm. There is a compartment for storing the Nanny breathing monitor underneath.

Sides: made from MDF planks, recommended for children’s furniture due to their hypo-allergenic properties.

Internal lining: the planks are coated with polyurethane foam with a 3D layer forming the cushioning on the inside of the cot. This layer with a hexagonal honeycomb structure ensures free air-flow, so that your child doesn’t inhale CO2 during sleep. It removes excessive body heat and substantially reduces the skin irritation due to sweating. In addition, the lining is removable for easy machine washing.

Outside: upholstered with silky soft merino wool. Merino wool is known for its cooling effect in summer and warm feel in winter—it works as a natural thermostat. This woollen fabric offers efficient natural protection against UV rays, it is fireproof and works perfectly to conduct moisture away from your baby’s body while its surface remains dry. Sheep wool contains lanolin that protects the decorative felt from dirt, bacteria, odours and germs.

Construction: the cot is stable thanks to a sturdy stainless steel frame.

Merino wool

Stainless steel legs for good stability

Safe, rounded edges

Technical specification

  • Age: 0-6 m
  • Capacity: max. 9 kg
  • Dimensions: 86 (L) x 42 (W) x 68,5 (H) cm
  • EN 716-1
  • Mattress: 100% polyurethane
  • Mattress cover: 100% cotton
  • Side lining: 100% polyester
  • Headboard and footboard: solid pieces of MDF + 100% merino wool

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