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    Heritage Bee

    Heritage collection is every year dedicated to something we consider important, rare and local. And this year’s 2022 collection is inspired by small, but very important bees.

     every mother is the queen


    Many households with small children sounds like beehives, due to buzzing. Bees bring endless variety to our lives, as well as the little ones. Although the bees are small and inconspicuous, we thank them for a breathtaking view of a meadow full of flowers, juicy fruits and delicious “liquid gold” – honey.

    Did you know that we owe bees to every third bite of our food? They are among the most important pollinators and in recent years their number is unfortunately threatened by various influences.

    Bees are a symbol of diligence, selflessness and harmony. Let’s cherish them, protect them and be inspired by them.

    At Petite&Mars, we work as hard as these little bees to make the new Heritage Bee collection due to the requirements of even the most demanding parents. And we believe that even the most important people in our lives, our children, will be satisfied.

    We have elevated the proven qualities of the Street+, Royal and Trails 2in1 strollers with an elegant design worthy of a queen. The beautiful floral embroidery is combined with an elegant crown print and brown handles. Delicate gold zippers with a crown pendant give the whole design a royal stamp.


    Street+ Heritage Bee

    • thousands of mothers’ favorite Street + pram for a comfortable ride not only on the street.
    • see more about Street+ Air

    Royal Heritage Bee

    • elegant spacious stroller with elaborate details on rubber wheels
    • see more about Royal

    Trails 2v1 Heritage Bee

    • combined stroller with a spacious carrycot, which thanks to the suspension can handle even the toughest terrain
    • see more about Trails

    Gold zippers with embossed crown.

    Fine embroidery on the canopy.

    Printed with a crown pattern.

    Accessories included


    • stroller with air wheels
    • double-sided liner
    • black foot cover


    • stroller
    • diaper bag
    • double-sided liner
    • black foot cover

    Trails 2v1:

    • stroller frame with PU wheels
    • carrycot
    • sports seat
    • double-sided liner
    • black foot cover

    If you are not only interested in the beautiful design of the stroller, but want to do more for bees and other pollinators in your area, here are a few tips:

    1. Sow a flower meadow or plant a variety of plants or trees that bloom at different months to provide food for bees for most of the year.
    2. Limit the use of chemicals and find out what nature-friendly green maintenance is.
    3. Let’s build an insect hotel that will provide insect background and live nature watching for our children.


    For more important information about pollinators and bees, click here:



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