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    Heritage Aqua

    Heritage collection is every year dedicated to something we consider important, rare and local. And this year’s 2021 collection is inspired by clear, healthy, often missing and absolutely essential –  water.

    Inspired by water, created for a baby.

    Why Heritage Aqua?

    Water is life. It undergoes the breathtaking development of all living things and is essential for every little one, with a unique personality and countless dreams, desires and wishes. Let’s respect it.
    We at Petite&Mars do care and want to bring grist to the mill. That is why this collection is just about this miraculous fluid, which we often take as something uninteresting and obvious, the water.
    This stroller is made from 100% recycled PET bottles and together with the stroller you will get a refillable glass bottle for fresh water.
    Help us to reduce waste and protect water. Because water matters.

    Each pram in the collection is made from 100% recycled pet bottles and the equipment includes a refillable glass bottle for clean water. By using a glass bottle for reuseyou will ensure a drinking regime and relieve the planet from the waste of disposable packaging.

    Help us to reduce waste from disposable plastics and to protect water. Every drop matters.


    Street+ Heritage Aqua

    • Thousands of mothers’ favorite Street + pram for a comfortable ride not only on the street.
    • See more about Street+

    Royal Heritage Aqua

    • Elegant spacious stroller with elaborate details on rubber wheels.
    • See more about Royal

    Grand II Heritage Aqua 2 in 1 or 3 in 1

    • Pram and pushchair 2 in 1 for a comfortable ride from birth to toddler.
    • See more about Grand

    Grand II Heritage Aqua

    Street+ Heritage Aqua

    Royal Heritage Aqua

    Accessories included

    In many countries, water is a luxury. If you want to improve it, here you can:


    Technical specification

    • Materia: 100% post-consumer recycled polyester
    • Accessory included: mommy bag, footcover, reusable glass bottle

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