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    Soft universal liner, which will make your baby’s sitting in the stroller more pleasant and at the same time protect the stroller cover from possible dirt.

    Modern, technologically advanced liner made of soft elastic foam, offers many benefits for your child.

    • Unique design will beautify your stroller.
    • Double-sided use – printed side and elegant single-color side.
    • The cotton cover is pleasant to the touch.
    • Viscose-elastic memory foam filling.
    • The open and airy structure of the memory foam allows airflow and moisture evaporation.
    • Provide the child with a comfortable seat.
    • The memory foam is resistant to pressure, reduces the pressure to those points of the body that are most heavily loaded in the lying position and adapts to them.
    • The memory foam pad reduces the impact of driving on uneven terrain and promotes proper posture.
    • The advantage of foam is its resistance to dust mites and bacteria, as they do not settle in it and do not multiply.
    • Year-round use.
    • The insert is compatible with almost any stroller. Parent may cut pre-prepared holes / designated areas according his/her baby needs.
    • Machine washable.
    • Long-term use without loss of quality.

    Material of cover: 100% cotton, polyester on the foot part

    Filling: 100 %polyurethane foam

    Double-sided liner

    Compatible with any stroller due to adjustable pre-prepared holes

    Black polyester on the foot part for easy cleaning

    Technical specification

    • Size: UNI
    • Memory foam height: 1 cm
    • Dimensions: 86 cm x 42 cm x 1 cm

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