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    All the amazing games on the floor can begin. The soft foam puzzle consists of 6 separate pieces. Children will have fun while composing pictures, but they can also make a tunnel or a bunker. Let them develop their own imagination.

    The puzzle can also be used instead of a mat for playing on the ground. It has excellent thermal insulation featureand it is soft, so children will feel safe and warm during playing.

    The puzzle is made of a pleasant material, in nice pastel colors and can be cleaned very easily. Did you have a water bottle spilled during the game? Never mind. The puzzle is water resistant and non-slip.

    Both sides have printing, which you can change according to your mood.



    • Made of high quality 100% EPE foam
    • Double-sided printing
    • 6 pcs
    • Waterproof and non-slip
    • Protects against the cold
    • Easy to clean
    • You can easily store it at home
    • The size of one piece 58 cm x 58 cm x 1.5cm

    Dimensions: 178 x 119 cm

    6 pcs in the package

    Waterproof and non-slip

    Dimensions of 1 pcs 58 x 58 cm

    Technical specification

    • 178 x 119 cm
    • Material: 100% EPE

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