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    Activity gym 3in1  for development and time full of fun, from birth to toddler. A soft blanket in the shape of a flower, a removable arch with 4 toys and a soft pillow will provide play and incentives for the development of the baby for long months. It contributes to the development of both gross and fine motor skills. It actively stimulates the baby’s auditory, tactile and visual senses. Timeless modern color, pleasant and safe materials.

    Time on the back with an arch to play

    • Time for the first discovery, fun and development of the baby.
    • In the first weeks after birth, the baby gradually begins to discover the world around him.
    • The baby can lie safely on a soft blanket and watch the toys, training his eyes. Later, the challenge for him is to reach the toy with his hand or foot and thus train his motor skills.
    • 2 removable game arches are easily attached to the blanket.
    • 4 separate toys on the C-ring can be freely changed or disconnected.
    • Black and white details on the toys stimulate the baby’s eyes in the first weeks.

    Belly time with removable pillow

    • The first rewind and the time spent on the belly is another milestone for the baby.
    • Removable pillow will provide the necessary support.
    • Special soft velcro is safe for the baby. In addition, after removing the pillow, it is covered with an additional substance and you do not have to worry about tearing or soiling.

    Active toddler play on a soft pad

    • If the arch is no longer fun, it’s time for a new toy or kit.
    • The soft blanket is still the right pad, which is soft, warm and safe.

    Separate toys to play anywhere

    • Round rattle in the right size for children’s hands.
    • A rustling owl stimulates both touch and hearing.
    • A snug bunny will be your best friend.
    • Cheerful star with colored ribbons that children like to catch or strum with their noses.
    • You can use the C ring to hang the toys separately, for example, on a pram or car seat.

    4 separate toys

    Removable pillow

    Black and white details stimulate the baby's eyes

    Technical specification

    • Suitable from birth
    • High 45 cm, Average 88 cm
    • Material: Outer parts 100% polyester, filling 100% PP
    • The pad can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 30 ° C

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