PETITE&MARS Wooden toy - racetrack Milky Way Wood of Mars 18m+

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The collection of wooden toys WOOD OF MARS is more than just sets of blocks. It is a unique world where children's imagination, motor skills and creativity develop. These out-of-this-world toys encourage you to discover new dimensions of play, where each element stimulates the development and ability of spatial thinking.

Each piece of the collection is carefully designed to not only be aesthetically fascinating, but also to develop children's cognitive skills. It is a unique combination of education and aesthetics that allows children to creatively explore cosmic mysteries and develop extraordinary skills.

The wooden slide for cars MILKY WAY is a multi-level adventure for little racing fans. The set consists of 3 levels and 3 small cars that can be launched from top to bottom, providing attractive fun. The cars can also be used for independent races, and the minimalist design of the slide in delicate, subdued colors fits perfectly into a children's room.

This toy can be used not only for fun, but also for learning counting, while developing the child's motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It is a great addition to a child's room because it not only provides entertainment, but also develops a number of skills, such as manual skills, dexterity, imagination and creativity.


  • durable and solid,
  • made of tea wood and plywood,
  • ergonomic design, made with the youngest in mind,
  • supports the development of young children's motor skills,
  • exercises dexterity,
  • learning colors,
  • learning to count,
  • intended for children from 18 months of age (18m+),
  • dimensions of the toy: 30 x 14 x 25 cm.

Age 18 m+
Material Wood