PETITE&MARS Set of silicone finger toothbrushes Ochre&Green 2 pcs 0m+

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Oral care is a key habit that should be built and maintained from the first moments of life. Well-treated gums and strong first teeth are a guarantee of health and a beautiful smile for life. A set of silicone finger brushes will help you maintain a hygienic routine and take care of your baby's mouth every day! These are toothbrushes that your child will love to use from the first moments of life.

The toothbrush in the form of a cap placed on the parent's finger is made of food-grade, BPA-free silicone. Simply place the toothbrush on your index finger and start gently massaging your baby's gums and teeth. Everyday healthy habits become fun at the same time. The soft and flexible silicone is pleasant to the touch and does not hurt baby's sensitive mouth, and regular massaging soothes the gums during teething.

The finger brush set includes 2 coloured brushes and a practical case for hygienic storage. The case is the ideal solution for travel and trips.


  • simple, practical and easy to use
  • made of 100% safe food-grade silicone without BPA
  • gently removes dirt from teeth and gums
  • suitable for massaging the gums during teething
  • easy to keep clean
  • dishwasher safe
  • suitable for home and travel
  • set includes a practical case for hygienic storage
  • 2 brush colours included
  • designed for children from 0m+
  • brush dimensions: 2.5 × 2.5 × 5 cm
  • weight of the brush: 5 g
Take&Match Misty GreenIntense Ochre
Age 0 m+
Material Silicone