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Heritage Luna ...will take care of you even in the dark! More

Heritage Luna ...will take care of you even in the dark!

Universal reflective stickers from the Heritage Luna collection represent the moon in its individual phases. The purpose of the stickers is to provide you with protection during evening walks. The stickers are reflective, reflect the light of passing cars and glow. This makes your stroller visible even in the dark and protects you and your baby. The stickers are designed to be stuck on the stroller structure, not on the stroller cover. They fit any stroller model, not just those in the Heritage Luna collection. The stickers are designed to be applied to the stroller, whether with a thin or sturdier construction, and you choose the place to stick them as you like. Stickers should be applied to a clean, degreased and flat surface to ensure the best possible adhesion.

  • Number of pieces in the package: 6
  • Size: 3,5 cm / 1,5 × 11 cm

The Story of Luna

In a little cottage in the middle of the forest lived a little girl named Eliska. She had fair hair, big blue eyes and a curious look. The cottage was small, cozy and through its windows there was a beautiful view of the sky full of stars. Elishka liked to watch the night sky. It was full of little bright stars that were the same every night. But one of them was bigger and different than the others. Sometimes it was round, sometimes it resembled a roll, and sometimes it didn't show up at all. Eliška liked her best of all, she looked forward to it every evening and eventually gave it a name. LUNA... One day Elishka went for a walk in the forest. It was a beautiful sunny day. There is so much to discover in the forest. Eliška collected needles and leaves, lay in the soft moss, fed the animals and watched the squirrels. Before she knew it, the forest was suddenly enveloped in darkness. Elishka was afraid of the dark because she couldn't find her way home in the dark. She sat down on the stump and cried. Then Luna appeared in the sky. Eliska rubbed her eyes and looked longingly at the sky. "Luna, please show me the way home." And Luna shone her light on the forest path and led Eliška to the safety of her cottage.