PETITE&MARS Silicone cutlery TAKE&MATCH 6m+ - Take&Match: Misty Green

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TAKE what you need and MATCH as you like More


TAKE what you need and MATCH as you like.
Choose the products your child needs and match them in color as you like.
The food sets are available in colors inspired by the latest trends and composed in the way that each color harmonizes perfectly with the others. You are therefore free to combine all the elements needed to prepare a safe meal for your baby, creating your own unique collection. Thanks to our series, feeding your child becomes not only very simple, but also aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable.

TAKE&MATCH silicone cutlery
The set consisting of a fork and a spoon is made entirely of food grade silicone BPA-free. This allows your child to eat both hot and cold food with the cutlery. The flexible silicone makes the cutlery ideal for a young child's sensitive gums. The cutlery is suitable for babies from 6 months of age who are being introduced to an expanded diet and those who are already learning to eat successfully on their own. The rounded shapes and small sizes make them easier for the little one to pick up and eat. 
The cutlery can be matched with another product from the TAKE&MATCH range in the same or coordinating color range.


  • lightweight and handy,
  • made of 100% safe, food grade silicone BPA-free,
  • flexible, perfect for sensitive baby gums,
  • ergonomic design, shaped with the youngest in mind: rounded shapes and small size make it easier to eat,
  • soft fork tips are safe for baby's delicate mouth,
  • develops baby's motor skills,
  • supports the learning process of feeding,
  • easy to clean, dishwasher safe,
  • suitable both at home and outdoors,
  • available in 4 colors,
  • suitable for children from 6 months (6m+),
  • dimensions 14 x 3.5 cm,
  • weight: spoon 22 g, fork 22 g.
Take&Match Intense Ochre
Age 6 m+
Material Silicone