PETITE&MARS Silicone pacifier holder case 0m+ - Take&Match: Misty Green

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Silicone pacifier holder case

The silicone pacifier holder case is an essential product that accompanies parents during their daily care of pacifier hygiene. At the same time, it ensures comfort when walking and traveling. The pacifier holder is very easy to open and close, giving you quick access to the pacifier when you need it. The pacifier holder has a universal size, adapted to any type of pacifier, and is additionally equipped with a long and flexible silicone handle. This design allows you to hang it on a mother's bag or stroller so that the pacifier can be found without any problem.

The Petite&Mars pacifier holder is made of soft and safe food-grade silicone, free from BPA and other harmful substances. This is a container where you can hold your baby's pacifier without any worries. The silicone material is easy to keep clean and can be washed both by hand and in the dishwasher.
The original shape and colors inspired by the latest trends make the product not only very universal, but also aesthetic and elegant.


  • light and handy,
  • made of 100% safe food-grade silicone without BPA,
  • has a silicone handle that allows you to attach it to a bag or to a stroller,
  • universal size, suitable for any type of pacifier,
  • easy opening and closing,
  • easy to keep clean, dishwasher safe,
  • protects against dirt both at home and outdoors,
  • available in 4 colors,
  • intended for children 0m+,
  • dimensions: ø 7.5 cm, length 22 cm,
  • weight: 63 g.
Take&Match Desert Sand
Age 0 m+
Material Silicone