PETITE&MARS Nasal aspirator for the Happy Nose 0 m+ vacuum cleaner

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Safe nasal mucus extractor for vacuum cleaner More

Safe baby nasal mucus extractor that can be connected to a home vacuum cleaner. A gentle aid to facilitate breathing.


  • the suction pump is based on the most efficient suction technology
  • quick and safe suctioning makes it easier for the baby to breathe and prevents possible complications
  • the sputum extractor has no tube in which bacteria can settle, which makes cleaning easier and ensures maximum hygiene
  • special shape and material of the suction cup prevents irritation of the nose and damage to the mucous membrane
  • is ideal during colds and flus
  • the width of the handle on the vacuum cleaner tube is 3 cm
  • the material of the breast pump is bisphenol-free
  • does not cause allergies
  • it can be boiled
  • unbreakable material
  • suitable for children from the first days of life 0m +

Age 0 m+