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Newborn gloves are invaluable protection for babies' tiny hands. Their main task is to prevent accidental scratches, especially when delicate nails can leave marks on the sensitive skin of the child's face.

These practical gloves protect your little one while also warming delicate little hands. From the moment of birth, the baby makes uncoordinated hand movements, so providing it with this protection is important. Thanks to the wide cuff, they do not put pressure on the wrists, but fit properly on the hands, being an irreplaceable element of the layette for every child.

They are made of high-quality cotton and guarantee not only durability, but also comfort of wearing. Flexible fabric ensures comfort and freedom of movement. Additionally, the material is characterized by the ability to absorb sweat and ensures air circulation.


  • protection of the baby against scratches
  • pleasant to the touch, soft material
  • wide, non-pressing cuff
  • 2 layers of material
  • intended for children from birth
  • 100% Cotton
  • dimensions 6 x 10 cm
Age 0 m+
Material Cotton