PETITE&MARS Papoo Original baby pouch set, 6 pcs - Variants of Papoo: Elephant

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Go on a hike, walk, bike, or visit with the most practical Papoo Original baby food pouch. Simply fill the washable pouch up to let the kids feed themselves without any stains and mess. Then simply wash and use the pouch again. It is that simple!


  • HEALTHY SNACK: homemade food without allergens, additives and preservatives is the best for your baby. The pouches are perfect for fruit and vegetable purees, smoothies, baby food and desserts. With our colourful and fun 150ml food pouches you can feed your kid healthy even on the go! Papoo Original pouches do not take up much space, and wherever you are, your baby’s favourite snacks are on hand.
  • EASY TO FILL AND WASH: Opening with a resealable double zipper at the bottom allows easy filling and leakproof storing of food. Depending on the content you can pour or just use an ordinary spoon to fill up a pouch. Feeding is convenient, and the baby will not become dirty as when feeding with a spoon from a bowl. After eating you can easily wash it: wide opening allows the water to clean the whole pouch. It is possible to wash it in a dishwasher as well.
  • EASY TO STORE AND FREEZER SAFE: Our pouches are a convenient food storage. You can always store extra filled food pouches in the freezer for later use. You can always see the contents through the transparent window on the back side of each pouch. There is also a place to write a description – you will never again forget what is in your freezer! To defrost – simply put a frozen food pouch in a bowl of hot water. 
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: A colourful, cheerful design from Slovak illustrator of children’s books Katka Ilkovičova. Two designs to choose from: Lion and Elephant. These pouches with cute animals will make a snack time fun. The package contains 6 pouches of one chosen design.
  • REUSABLE AND SAFE: Papoo Original food pouches are BPA and phthalates free. They meet requirements in accordance with the European standard 14372. Save money and use them again and again instead of throwing away right after first use like it happens with disposable pouches what causes pollution for the environment.

Age 6 m+
Variants of Papoo ElephantLion