PETITE&MARS Elastic knee pads for crawling Follow - Take&Match: Dusty Rose

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Dusty Rose
Dusty Rose
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Misty Green
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Intense Ochre

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Crawling kneepads made of pleasant-to-touch and elastic fabric have soft pads at the front that protect against abrasions and absorb falls. This is an indispensable helper for a baby taking its first steps on its own, as it will help the child avoid unpleasant injuries. The stretchy material with a breathable structure makes them comfortable to wear, ensures air circulation, adapts to the size of the elbow without compressing it, and at the same time does not slip off the leg. The anti-slip layer on the pads provides additional safety. They can be worn directly on the skin or over tights. 


  • elastic material that does not compress the leg
  • soft pads to prevent abrasions and injuries
  • anti-slip coating
  • airy structure of the material
  • composition: 80% cotton, 17% polyester, 3% elastane
  • intended for children 6m+
  • 2 pieces in a set
  • knee pad dimensions: 13 x 10 cm
Take&Match Dusty RoseMisty GreenIntense Ochre
Age 6 m+