PETITE&MARS Baby Walker musical Cabrio - Variants of Cabrio: Green

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The Petite&Mars Cabrio walker will help your child, who is learning to walk and discover the world, while maintaining stability and safe orientation in space.
The walker includes a music panel that develops the child's auditory, tactile and motor skills, awakens his imagination and sensory perception.
The walker can be completely folded to make it as easy to store as possible.
The construction is equipped with a safety device that protects the walker from unintentional folding
The wheels reduce shocks, at the same time stopping the walker if the center of gravity is transferred to the rear wheels.

Main benefits:

  • motivates the child to walk
  • included music panel with steering wheel, various sounds and lights.
  • the panel can be removed and will used as a separate toy.
  • adjustable seat height to 3 positions according to the child's needs and ensuring contact of the child's feet with the floor
  • reinforced backrest for proper support of the back.
  • the seat is complemented by a practical handle.
  • the cover can be removed and washed in the washing machine.
  • safety against unintentional assembly.
  • a special brake system prevents downhill stairs.
  • made of certified and safe materials.
  • Suitable for children from + 6m to 12kg.
  • You should only put the baby in the walker when the baby can sit or stand on its own.
  • We recommend putting the baby in the walker only for a limited time, up to 20 minutes.
Age 6 m+
Variants of Cabrio GreyGreen