PETITE&MARS Baby cot adjustable Nextie 2in1

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The perfect space not only for sleeping More

Thanks to the Nextie 2in1 cot, baby will be close to mum, but at the same time sleep safely and comfortably in its own cot. And mommy can rest too. The crib is height adjustable with a removable sidewall that can be attached to the parent's bed and keeps baby within reach. It will make breastfeeding easier for mom and ensure better sleep for both.

The Nextie 2in1 crib has multiple functions:

  • Freestanding cot
  • Additional bed to the parent's bed - after removing the sideboard
  • Lowered cot after unzipping the lower part, with a separate entrance for the baby

The crib has a bottom that can be easily extended using zippers and buttons, which will lower the crib and make it safe for a bigger baby who can already sit up on his own or stand on his feet. At the same time it is aerated thanks to the mesh edges. It has a removable opening through which the baby can climb up and into the cot.


  • removable sidewall for easy access to the baby
  • the height of the cot is adjustable to 5 positions, which makes it easy to adjust to the height of the parent's bed (suitable for beds that have the top of the mattress at a height of 55 - 66 cm from the floor)
  • telescopic feet and wheels with brake make it easy to move the cot within the apartment or house
  • unscrewable bottom part with a hole
  • comfortable mattress whose cover can be removed and washed
  • the cot is suitable for a child from 0 to 5 months with a weight capacity of 9 kg
  • the cot with extended bottom is suitable from 6 to 18 months with a weight capacity of 13 kg
  • the cot can be folded and carried in the included carry bag


  • dimensions of the folded bed: 95 × 56 × 63 cm
  • mattress size: 85 × 48 cm
  • size of the carry bag: 89 × 53 × 15 cm
  • load capacity: cot 9 kg, travel cot 13 kg
  • weight of the cot: 11,5 kg
  • standard: EN 1130:2019, EN 12227:2010
Age 0 m+