PETITE&MARS Changing backpack for JACK stroller - Catchthemoment series Just Black

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Compact and lightweight stroller backpack More

The compact and lightweight JACK stroller backpack is a master of organization! It works well as a backpack for packing diapers and hanging on the stroller, as well as a necessary tool for a few days away from home. It fits any type of stroller and looks great on mom or dad's back at the same time. It was created with you in mind! Be yourself and capture every unique moment with the perfect backpack!

This comfortable and well thought-out backpack is made of high-quality, moisture-resistant materials. It has side straps for attaching to the stroller and the main compartment closes with a two-way zipper. A large number of pockets, including functional pockets, and easy access to the contents thanks to the side opening make packing for a trip or a walk much easier.

The backpack has a thermal pocket, a pocket for wet items, pockets for bottles and a lanyard for keys. A changing mat is included. The weight of the backpack without products inside does not exceed one kilogram.


  • spacious and clear interior of the backpack, which can fit all the necessary things for baby and mom,
  • main compartment closable with a two-way zipper with a convenient wide opening that makes it easy to search the contents of the backpack,
  • removable side straps on the stroller with adjustable loop size,
  • 11 easy-access pockets, including dedicated bottle or phone pockets,
  • mesh pockets that allow you to quickly find the item you need,
  • 2 thermocaps built into the bag to keep food bottles at the desired temperature,
  • waterproof wet accessory pocket for storing dirty wet clothes or used wipes,
  • a lanyard to make it easier to find your keys,
  • outer bottle pocket,
  • outer pocket for wet wipes,
  • external holder for toy or keyring,
  • easy access to the inside thanks to the rear zipped opening,
  • strap for attaching the backpack to the handle of the suitcase,
  • lightweight backpack, not exceeding 1 kg,
  • light-coloured lining to make the inside more visible,
  • includes a foldable changing mat made of waterproof material,
  • easy to clean.


  • backpack dimensions: 30 × 42 × 15 cm
  • size of changing mat: 58 × 31 cm
  • weight: 800 g
  • 100% polyester

CLEANING AND USE TIPS: Cleaning: clean with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not expose the backpack to direct sunlight. Do not place the backpack on rough surfaces to avoid wear marks. Sharp objects inside can damage the outer material or lining.