Accessories - Variants of Jasie - Ocean Blue

In the category Accessories by Petite&Mars every detail has its place and function. From changing bags to car organisers, each accessory is designed with practicality, safety and aesthetics in mind.

Replaceable stroller canopies give your strollers a new look. Comfortable and soft COMFY and JIBOT footmuffs will keep your baby warm in winter. Changing bags from the #catchthemoment collection will pack you up for any trips and JASIE handmuffs will warm your hands in winter.

You'll appreciate the ORDER, TABLET or TIDY organsizer when you're traveling. A SAVIOR protector will protect your seat, and with BACK and OSKAR mirrors, you'll keep baby in sight all the way.

All accessories are designed to make everyday life for families on the move more comfortable and easier. You can be sure that every trip with your children will not only be safe, but also full of comfort and style. Because at Petite&Mars, we know that the magic of perfection is hidden in the details.