Questions and Answers

We try to make your purchase at a smooth and pleasant experience. However, you may still encounter confusion. That's why we've provided clear and concise answers to the most common questions you contact us with.

Where does the Petite&Mars brand come from?

Petite&Mars is a Czech-Slovak brand, which was created on the basis of our company's many years of experience as a distributor. We carefully select and design our products for you in the Czech and Slovak Republics, but the production itself is carried out in China.

Where is your service?

Our service is in Slovakia in Senica. Contact for our service department colleagues is

Where can I buy spare parts for your products?

We sell spare parts for our products through our service department. The contact details are

Are your products certified?

All the products we sell are subject to strict testing conditions and we have all the necessary standards or certificates for each product. We are committed to ensuring that our products are high quality and above all safe.

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