The story of Little Joe a.k.a Donkeyhorse

Every big project starts with a small idea. In our case, it started with drawing and designing the first sample of the horse.

When we unwrapped the box from the factory, we were all a little confused. Our horse looked more like a donkey! He had adorable ears, eyes a bit like a unicorn, funny fur and legs that didn't seem to know if they were the legs of a horse or the legs of a donkey. Donkeyhorse! DH Joe! That was pretty funny.

But it was in this imperfection that we found its charm. Donkeyhorse became Little Joe. He was so cute but ugly that we just decided to give him a chance.

And so we created three versions of Little Joe: a plush toy, a squeaky toy, and a comforter for babies.

Little Joe even has his own rap song that won't leave you sitting still, and we hope it will cheer up kids and parents alike from everyday chores and worries.

It is sold in a beautiful eco-friendly box that looks like a small stable. On the back of the box you'll find cool extras that don't need to be cut, just peel them off! Among them is a brush for brushing, a carrot for petting and a hurdle for jumping. In short, everything a good horse needs.

Little Joe is living proof that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that everyone can be special in their own way.

Let yourself be charmed by his magic!