Street+ vs. Street2

Street+ and Street2 comparison

Street strollers are known for their proven quality and innovation, which appeals to many parents looking for a reliable and comfortable solution for their little ones. The popular models, Street+ and Street2, bring different functionalities and designs that can influence the purchase decision. In this article, we'll take a look at the main differences and improvements that the newer Street2 model brings over its predecessor, the Street+.


1. New wheel design

Both models offer two wheel designs: the AIR model with inflatable wheels for more challenging terrain and the RWS with rubber wheels designed more for urban environments. In the newer Street2 version, the AIR wheels have been redesigned into a softer and sleeker design, giving the stroller not only functional but also aesthetic advantages. Handle colours remain available in Oak and Black as before.


2. Convenient and quiet closing of the peek-a-boo window

One of the differences between the Street+ and Street2 is the way the canopy window closes. While the peek-a-boo window closes with Velcro on Street+, Street2 innovates and closes with a silent magnet, which contributes to increased comfort.


3. Magnetic buckle

The seat belts on the Street2 are equipped with a magnetic buckle, which is not only innovative but also very easy to use, which is advantageous when frequently settling and removing the baby from the stroller.

4. Innovative ventilation Panoramic Airflow System

Perhaps the most significant innovation of Street2 is the panoramic backrest ventilation system, which allows air to flow from 3 sides. This improvement is particularly useful during the summer months when it is important to ensure that the stroller is as ventilated as possible and provides maximum comfort for baby.