Wood of Mars

On the planet Mars, there is a small town called Petitos. It’s a place surrounded by forests full of ancient trees reaching up to the clouds.

Two extraordinary beings, Petite and Mars, also live here. Petite is a little girl full of ideas, born from the brightest stars in the sky. Mars a boy with a heart full of courage and a desire to explore the unknown.

One day in the forest they found a mysterious sanctuary where beings from different places of the galaxy met. At its center stood a magnificent old tree connected to all the planets of the universe. A tree that is a source of creativity and wonder. This magical tree gave Petite and Mars toys made from its precious wood.

These toys have special powers. They develop the creativity, logical thinking, imagination and motor skills of the children who play with them. Petite and Mars brought them to planet Earth where they became a wonder for all children, revealing to them the secrets and power of the universe. The adventurous journey of Petite and Mars became a legend that is still told throughout the galaxy today.

The WOOD OF MARS toy collection is more than just a set of wood blocks. The toys in this collection are durable, strong, ergonomically designed with focus on children’s small hands. Their cosmic names attract attention:

WOOD OF MARS toys are designed for children from 12 months. Each piece of the collection is carefully designed to a unique combination of beauty and education that allows children to develop extraordinary abilities.

The toys in the WOOD OF MARS collection are made of wood FSC certified. FSC certification is a proven method, that helps industries ensure healthy and resilient forests for generations to come.