Royal vs. Royal2

Comparing the Royal and Royal2 models

When choosing a stroller for your baby, you want to ensure the best possible comfort and safety. The two models of our Royal and Royal2 pushchairs are the same at first glance, but the newer Royal2 model brings some important innovations and improvements. So let's take a look at the main differences between these models.

1. Canopy type and attachment

The new Royal2 model comes with an improved canopy type, designed to provide even better stroller stability and comfort for baby. The change consists in a new way of attaching the canopy to the stroller frame.


An important notice:

A very important information is that the new Royal2 canopies are not compatible with the older Royal model.

2. Frame

On the new Royal2, we have significantly improved the strength of the stroller's frame, which is now even more stable and safer. This is thanks to the bar added under the handle, which attaches the side parts of the frame and also connects them at the top of the stroller. At the same time, the new canopy is also attached to this bar. To the original silver frame with brown handles, we have also added a new colour Black, where both the frame and the handles are in black.


3. Backrest ventilation

The original Royal model had a short mesh at the top of the backrest that extended over the baby's head. Royal2 introduces a new type of backrest ventilation with a mesh that covers the entire back of the stroller. This solution brings greater safety for the baby, better stability of the whole stroller, improves air circulation and thus the baby's comfort on warm days.


4. Magnetic buckle and rotatable handle bar

Royal2 brings an innovation in the form of a magnetic buckle on the seat belts, which makes getting baby into the stroller very easy. Simply put the child in seat and the magnets snap together to easily close the buckle. It is also safe, as it needs to be squeezed to undo it, which the child cannot do by himself. The detachable 360° rotatable handle makes handling much easier.


5. Colours and limited editions of canopies

In addition to the new frame colour Black, Royal2 also offers two new basic canopy colours, Sahara Beige and Perfect Back, as well as two limited edition canopies, Elegant Birds and Wonderland, which add exclusivity and style to the stroller.

We hope this article will help you in your decision making and if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.