International Children's Day is coming

International Children's Day is a great opportunity to show our love to our little ones and give them a goodie, a family trip or a toy. If you are looking for the right gift, we have a great tip for you - plush dolls from Petite&Mars, which are not just ordinary plush toys. 

Sophie, Max, Elise and Hannah

Petite&Mars offers a collection of beautiful plush dolls from which every child will surely choose their favourite. The Sophie, Max, Elise and Hannah dolls are designed to bring joy to children and encourage their creativity. Each doll has its own style and personality, so your little one can make a whole new bunch of friends.

Little Joe horse

For children who love animals, there is the Little Joe plush horse. This cute little horse is also available in special versions for the smallest children - as a sleeping and squeaky toy. This makes Little Joe the ideal companion not only for playing, but also for falling asleep peacefully.

Unique packaging with accessories

What makes the plush toys from Petite&Mars really special is their special packaging. Each toy is packaged in an eco-friendly box that is not only environmentally friendly, but also very pretty. The box contains various accessories that can be easily peeled off without the use of scissors. Children can colour them in and create their own story. This creative approach encourages children's imagination and the development of motor skills. Each toy has its own specific and unique accessories and by combining them together, really beautiful stories can be created during play. A series of toys distinguished by this unique packaging is making the Creative Toy Club.

Why choose Petite&Mars toys?

  • Quality and safety: the toys are made of high quality materials that are safe for children.
  • Creativity and fun: accessories that children can colour and use in play encourage their creativity.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: the box is environmentally friendly and at the same time beautiful and practical.
  • Wide selection: dolls, horses and other plush toys for all ages.

This unique combination of quality, creativity and ecology will delight not only your children, but also you.